Our team of dermatologists combine cutting-edge science with proven medical, surgical and laser treatments, to give you the best chance of treatment success for your skin condition. Our knowledge, treatment and caring support takes away the stress caused by skin conditions.

Our Practice

The Camberwell Dermatology Centre is a dermatology and cosmetic skin care practice, with a team of specialist doctors and nurses bringing you extensive experience in skin care. Our centre is based in Camberwell, close to the CBD and to public transport.

Dr Eric Poon

Eric’s focus includes skin cancer diagnosis and treatment (advanced surgery, photodynamic therapy). He treats many patients with acne, acne scarring, dermatitis, psoriasis and hair loss problems. He also has an interest in cosmetic dermatology, such as coolsculpting, laser treatments and cosmetic injections. Eric is a visiting consultant senior dermatologist at the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg. He runs a specialist oral mucosal clinic at the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Carlton and visits rooms in Eltham fortnightly.

Dr David Gill

David’s focus includes skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as general dermatology. Dr Gill also regularly consults at The Royal Melbourne Hospital in the dermatology outpatients’ clinic and skin cancer surgery.

Dr Rebecca Nguyen

Rebecca’s focus includes eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, hyperhidrosis, skin cancer management and women’s dermatology. Dr Nguyen is a consultant dermatologist in private practice and holds appointments at Monash Health and the Skin and Cancer Foundation.

Dr Christopher Oh

Christopher’s focus includes skin cancer screening, diagnosis and surgery. He consults independently and is also a key member of the Camberwell Dermatology Centre.

Common Skin Conditions

Camberwell Dermatology Centre offers the latest treatments for a wide range of skin and hair conditions. Call us to find out how we can help you.

skin cancer

Almost all skin cancers can be treated successfully if discovered and treated early. The earlier any skin cancer is detected, the less invasive and more successful any treatment is likely to be. It’s important to know your skin well and to book an appointment with one of our specialists if you have any concerns.

Melanoma surveillance

Camberwell Dermatology provides expertise at all levels of melanoma surveillance. All our doctors are trained to diagnose and manage skin cancers including melanoma.

Suspicious mole

If your doctor has referred you to one of our dermatologist for an assessment of a suspicious mole, please discuss this with our staff when making an appointment.

Body mole check

If you are just unsure about your moles, and would like a full body mole check with assistance of photography and dermoscopy,  our Doctor’s can assess all your moles, and discuss further appropriate management and follow up.

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