About our cosmetic team

Camberwell Dermatology Centre’s cosmetic team is here to support you on your skin health journey, providing you with professional advice on your cosmetic concerns and helping you to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.
Cosmetic dermatology is a specialist field of dermatology, with an emphasis on improving the appearance of skin and promoting good skin health.
Our cosmetic dermatology service is staffed by a team of specialist nurses, bringing expertise and experience in the treatment of all skin conditions and cosmetic concerns.

Why choose us

Our treatments and services cover every aspect of skin health and appearance, whether you have concerns about how your skin looks, how the sun’s affected it, or how healthy it is, we can help you on your journey to healthy, beautiful skin.

Skin specialist

We understand how much your skin can impact your self-confidence and health. If you have a skin concern, and are not sure what condition it is, or what treatment is right for you, we can help.

Our treatments and services cover every aspect of skin health and appearance,  providing you with the latest in skin care treatment and technology.

Our skin care specialists are here to support you on your journey to healthy, beautiful skin.

Our team

Our nursing team are here to support you on your journey to healthy, beautiful skin.

Maria Jansson

Maria Jansson is an experienced aesthetic nurse, having spent the last nine years working and developing skills within the cosmetic dermatology field. In conjunction with the dermatologists she is passionate about understanding patient’s needs and providing safe, and consistent treatments. Maria has a special interest in using muscle relaxants and dermal fillers for a complete facial rejuvenation with natural results. She also has a keen interest in laser rejuvenation with a sound experience of treating veins, pigmentation, wrinkles, scars, hair and tattoo removal.

Sheridan Spence

Sheridan is a highly skilled nurse who has 11 years experience in Dermatology. Her expertise and knowledge include pre-and post operative care, assisting in surgical procedures, wound management, venesection, photodynamic therapy, skin care treatments and Coolsculpting. She also performs fine wire diathermy and cryotherapy treatments. Sheridan provides a high standard and continuity of care for our patients.

Andrea McCarthy

Andie is an experienced cosmetic registered nurse, who is passionate about skin health. She is an enthusiastic, determined, and result driven individual with a holistic approach to skin health. For many years, her passion had lied within cosmetic dermatology – she loves boosting her patients self-esteem by increasing their confidence as their skin concerns are addressed.
Andie specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as lasers, diathermy, muscle relaxants and skin needling. She provides scientifically formulated cosmeceuticals along with patient education to address the unique needs of each and every patient.
Andie has a dedicated approach to providing the very best nursing care to our patients and is constantly increasing her knowledge base to ensure safe, effective and evidence based care.

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